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Soap Commander Vegan Based Shaving Soaps provide rich, thick, and creamy lather that both moisturize and protect for close and comfortable shave experience...even against the grain. Our Shea Butter enriched shaving soaps are specially formulated to assist your razor in protection and glide to effortless cut through the thickest of hair.

Close out the fun of summer and prepare for the festivities of winter with a walk in the woods. Crisp leaves under foot mingle with a hint of pine, while the lingering whiff of berries imprints a trail on your soul. (Other notes along the path include cedarwood, eucalyptus, and citrus.)

It's time to CONNECT

…with nature. Walk through the woods; witness the change in foliage
…with family. Visit the county fair and the local orchards; jump in the leaves
…with friends. Celebrate football victories; sing around a bonfire
…with self. Reflect on recent changes; chart a course toward upcoming goals
…with food. Savor the aroma of stew and cider; indulge in pumpkin pie.

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