Parker - Safety Razor - Faux Ivory Handle w/ Pure Badger Brush - IHPB

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Howi Inc. SKU: 14953

Our 100% Pure Badger Shave brush has a long loft brush knot for extra lathering ability. Not as coarse as black badger and not as soft as silvertip bager, pure badger offers an excellent compromise between stiffness and softness. It creates a fabulous lather and we're sure you'll love it. Hand crafted with high quality bristles, this brush will turn your morning shave chore into an enjoyable ritual.

Product features include: 

  • 100% Pure Badger Bristles 
  • Handsome Durable Resin Handle 
  • Overized Handmade Brush knot 
  • Long Loft Bristles for Extra Lathering Ability
  • Acrylic Brush Stand Included

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