Gerber Mark II Fixed Blade - Double Serrated Blade - Aluminum Handle - 22-01874

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The Gerber Mark II 22-01874N is one of the most legendary knives from the Gerber range. This fighting dagger was first produced in 1966. The original design is based on a Roman knife/sword that was found near Mainz. The Gerber Mark II has, ever since its introduction, served in many wars on the side of the Americans. You might also recognize the Gerber Mark II from many action films and television shows.

The Gerber Mark II has a pointed blade with a double-sided grind. Recognizable are the serrations at the beginning of the edge. Gerber applied these as such to make sure that the serrations at the end are flat. As such you can sharpen them on a flat sharpening stone. The blade is made from 420HC steel. A tough, stainless type of steel you can easily sharpen yourself.

The handle is made from cast aluminium. You will immediately notice that it is solid. The knife guard and pommel are also made from aluminium. In the pommel you will find a lanyard eye to attach a lanyard. The shape of the handle is formed as such to make sure it will fit in any type of hand. Because it is flattened towards the sides you can place your thumb on top to make sure you can use it in more ways than you initially thought possible.

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