Fox Labs - Mean Green Spray System - Stream - 1.5oz - 156MGS

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Fox FIVE POINT THREE formula - Police Strength, World's Hottest Pepper Spray
Trusted by Police, Law Enforcement, Security, and Military agencies worldwide
5.3 million SHU OC resin - the purest OC resin used to create defense sprays
Fires heavy stream pattern up to 19 feet
Contains 18 half-second bursts
Spring loaded flip-top safety device protects against accidental discharge
Includes marking UV Dye for assailant identification
Non-flammable - TASER/ECD safe
Manufacture date stamped on each container
3 year shelf life
Measures 4" T x 1 1/4" D
Made in the USA
The Fox Labs 2 ounce stream spray offers users an extended range of up to 19 feet. These units are very popular among professional law enforcement and are ideal personal sprays. Featuring the Fox Five Point Three pepper resin formula. Fox Labs boasts the "Worlds Hottest Pepper Spray". These units are non-flammable and safe for use with Taser/ECD devices. The built in spring loaded flip top safety device protects against accidental discharge. Very easy to deploy, simply put your finger or thumb under the top, it rises easily with a spring, and depress the button for a powerful blast.

Fox Police Pepper Spray - the industry benchmark since 1993. Fox Defense Sprays are formulated to be the safest, hottest and most effective pepper spray you can buy! More law enforcement officers nationwide use Fox pepper spray than any other defense spray on the market. Fox pepper spray is known for it's cutting edge formula, the world famous Five Point Three, a 2% Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) formula using resin rated at a true 5.3 million Scoville Heat Unit (SHU). All sprays are non-flammable and Taser-safe. Police officers nationwide count on Fox pepper spray to provide the highest quality ingredients delivering a consistently safe, yet debilitating defense spray.

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